VMware Horizon View 7.0.2 Part 5 – Configuring Horizon View Event Database, Licensing, View Composer and vCenter Server


In previous post, I had shown you the installation of Horizon View Composer 7.0.2  on separate virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 R2 as a Standalone View Composer Server. In this post, I will show you how to configure the Horizon View Event Database, Licensing and vCenter Server along with Horizon View Composer Server.

Configuring License for Horizon View Administrator:

Select the View Administrator and right click select open 

Click Advanced

Click Proceed to localhost (unsafe)

Enter User name, Password and Domain, then click Login

Select Product Licensing and Usage and click Edit License

Enter License Serial Number and click Ok

Configuring Horizon View Event Database:

Select Event Configuration and click Edit

To get the Event Database details, Login to SQL Server Machine

After Login the SQL Server, launch the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio

Click Connect to connect the Database Engine

Select Database and right click select New Database

Enter Database Name and click Ok

Select Login and right click select New Login

Enter Login name, select SQL Server authentication,enter Password and Confirm password,then click Ok

Select Server Roles, check the public and sysadmin server roles

Select User Mapping, check User map EventDB, db_owner  and public. then click Ok

Verify the Event Database name EventDB and User name EventUser

Go back to Horizon View Administrator, select Event Configuration and click Edit

Enter the Database ServerDatabase name, User namePasswordConfirm passwordTable prefix and click ok

Verify the Event Database details

Configuring vCenter Server along with Horizon View Composer:

Select Servers and click vCenter Servers tab, then click Add

Enter vCenter Server address, User name, Password, Description, Port and click Next

Click View Certificate

Click Accept the Certificate Information

Enter View Composer Server address, User name, Password, Port and click Next

Click View Certificate

Click Accept the Certificate Information

Click Add, then enter Full domain name, User name, Password and click Ok

Verify the Domains, User details and click Next

Keep it Storage Settings as default and click Next

Review all the settings and click Finish

Verify the vCenter Server and View Composer configured to Horizon View Administrator successfully

Select Connection Servers tab to verify the View Connection Server details

Click Dashboard to view the Horizon View Administrator Dashboard          Thats it. Now, we can create the desktop pools and configure the remote desktops and applications  to be deliver as desktops and applications to users. Users can access their desktop and applications from any devices anywhere throughout the enterprise or from home.I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for reading my post……! If you feel worth please share it in social media.



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