vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS) 6.4 Express Installation and Configuration step by step


In this post, I will show you vRealize Operations Manager 6.4 express installation and configuration step by step. VMware vRealize Operations Manager is used for proactively identify and solve emerging issue with predictive analysis and smart alerts ensuring optimal performance and availability of applications and infrastructure. And it will gives complete monitoring capability in one place across applications, storage and network devices in your infrastructure.

When you prepare for and install vRealize Operations Manager, you create and configure one or more vRealize Operations Manager nodes that collect and analyze object data from your environment.

vRealize Operations Manager nodes are virtual appliance (vApp), Linux, or Windows based systems. Here, I am going to show the installation and configuration of  vRealize Operations Manager node with virtual appliance. Before going to start the installation download the vRealize Operations Manager Appliance OVA from VMware website.

vRealize Operations Manager 6.4 Express Installation:

Login to vCenter Server, enter vCenter Server IP address or Name, User name and Password, click Login

Click File and Select Deploy OVF Template

Click Browse to map the vRealize Operations Manager Appliance OVA file from local disk and click Next

Verify the OVF Template details and click Next

Select Accept the end user license agreements and click Next

Specify the name and location for vRealize Operation Manager Appliance and click Next

Select Deployment Size as Extra Small (Lab Environment) and click Next

Select storage having free space more than 270 GB and click Next

Select Thin Provision for Lab environment and click Next

Select the Time zone and enter Default Gateway,DNS,IP address and Net Mask, click Next

Check Power on after deployment and click Next             Deploying vRealize Operations Manager is in progress

vRealize Operations Manager is deployed successfullySelect vrops and click Open ConsoleVerify the console vRealize Operation Manager Appliance has been installed and note down the IP addressOpen web browser, enter the IP address and press enter, then click AdvancedClick Proceed to continueClick Express InstallationClick NextEnter Admin password and click NextClick Finish to start the cluster and to begin configuration of vRealize Operations ManagerPreparing vRealize Operations Manager for first use. It may take a few minutesLogin to vRealize Operations Manager with Admin and passwordClick Next to setting up vRealize Operations ManagerCheck I accept the terms of this agreement and click NextSelect Product Evaluation(no key required) and click NextCheck Join the VMware Customer Experience improvement program and click NextClick Finish a begin installing and configuring solutionsSelect VMware vSphere Solution and click Configure a solutionEnter Display Name, Description and vCenter Server details in Basic Settings and click + button Enter Credential name, User Name and Password, then click OKClick Save SettingsClick OK to use credentials to connect          Click Test Connection and again click OK the Test was successfulSelect Define Monitoring Goals and answer the following list of questions to create a new default policy or Save to modify the existing default policyClick OK the default policy has been successfully configuredClick “Yes” to override the existing registration with this instance of vRealize Operations ManagerVerify all the settings and click CloseVerify in vCenter Adapter the vRealize Operations Manager started Data receiving from vCenter ServerClick Home tab to View the vRealize Operations Manager DashboardThats it, I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for reading my post……! If you feel worth please share it in social media.


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